• L.A. Casey

Slater Brothers MERCH!

You read the title correctly, people.

We officially have SLATER BROTHERS MERCH and it's all thanks to my collaboration with Reader Apparel! They are a brand spanking new company specialising in book inspired apparel. They are passionate about making beautiful, high quality, ethically and sustainably-made clothing that will last!

The design is one I love. When asked, I said I'd love an image of all of the brothers sitting down and gazing out over an Irish valley. I sent a picture of the valley and they delivered it perfectly. Each brother is wearing the title colour from their book so from the left is Kane, Dominic, Alec (he's holding The Man Bible since he needs the most help from it 😂), Damien and finally Ryder.

Lots of details were put into the image. Kane's scars, his company name on the back of his shirt, the same with Dominic and his gym's name, the lad's correct hair colours and tattoos are even incorporated. I simply adore it.

This collaboration is something I'm massively excited about, I'm so grateful that the lovely ladies from Reader's Apparel contacted me and asked if I'd be interested. Like I've EVER say no! 😂

I've got myself a t-shirt that you can see from the above picture and the other day I placed an order to get my daughter one as well because TWINNING! All of Reader Apparel products are available now, so if you'd like a hoodie or a t-shirt inspired by my Slater Brothers, you guys will be able to buy the merch, and so much more, right HERE!

Stay safe, everyone 💋

~ Lee