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Ripples in Time: Cover, Blurb and Release Date REVEAL!


The Maji are BACK, baby!

I'm sorry, but is this not a STUNNING cover? As always, LJ over at Mayhem Cover Creations has knocked it out of the park once again with my newest baby. Eckkkkkk! I simply adore the cover! I am so excited to finally settle back into my indie world and continue on with a series that runs wild in my head. Ever since I wrote and released Out of the Ashes back in 2017, the itch to focus entirely on Ripples in Time has plagued me. The time has come for the Maji to make another appearance and in this book, the focus is on Prince Ezah and his lovely human female, Levi. Unlike in Out of the Ashes, this book will be told in dual POV which I'm extremely excited about.

I hope you're all ready for another dose of the Maji, because they're coming!

Release date: 26th of January, 2021

Escaping Earth for twenty-one-year-old Levi meant fleeing a monster who caged her and abandoning a mother who loved her. Elation and misery were her constant companions. Bred a slave, Levi had only ever known hardship ... but on Ealra, home to the Maji species that saved her from a fate worse than death, she was free.

Existing from day to day for the past few decades had become the norm for Ezah. He didn’t know happiness, and he didn’t want to either. Ever since he’d failed to protect his intended mate from a vicious beast, he found himself drifting further into despair.

In the midst of their inner darkness, their lives intertwine and put them onto a path of light. Levi soon imagines a future filled with possibilities while Ezah prays that history doesn’t repeat itself.

When a monster from his little human’s life emerges from her past, he vows not to make the same mistake twice.

Stay safe, everyone 💋

~ Lee


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