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Release Day: Ripples in Time!



I can hear a collective shout of FINALLY from fans of the Maji series.

I released Out of the Ashes, my first sci-fi romance book, in July 2017 on a whim. It was a huge step outside of the normal genre I write under. I wasn't sure if people would like it, I wasn't sure if it'd turn into a series or remain a standalone, but luckily, the Maji have garnered some very loyal fans over the past three and half years.

Things will be a little different in Ripples in Time. In Out of the Ashes the story was told in one single POV from the heroine, but in Ripples in Time the story is told in dual POV from the hero and heroine and the series will continue that way going forward.

I have enjoyed every minute of writing Ezah and Levi's story, and I hope you enjoy every minute of reading Ripples in Time. Grab your copy below.



If you're new to the world of the Maji, and you'd like to give the series a chance, you can grab a copy of Out of the Ashes from Amazon right now. It is currently on sale for 0.99 cents.

If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you're in luck because can pick up both Out of the Ashes and Ripples of Time right now through the program.


Stay safe, everyone 💋

~ Lee


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