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I've been working away this week on book 2 of the Collins Brothers series. All of the love for Dateless has really spurred me on to get some decent words down on this story. I'm already LOVING how it's turning out. I wrote a scene today that cracked me up with laughter that I KNOW you all will love.

Hint: It involves Lily, her devil's brew and a certain Collins brother drinking it 😜


Dateles Excerpt

“Date, what hour d’ye call this? It’s the middle of the feckin’ night.”

I stepped into my father’s house and closed his front door behind me. “It’s nine o’clock, Da.”

“Practically witchin’ hour. What d’ye want?”

I followed him into his kitchen. “Can’t a son drop by unannounced to spend some quality time with his father?”

“One of me other sons can, but not you. I know ye like the back of me hand. What d’ye want?”

I couldn’t help but snort. “I wanna talk to ye about Ina—”


I sat down at the kitchen table and blinked. My father was over by the sink washing his hands. “What d’ye mean no?”

“I mean no,” Da repeated. “You and the lads think I don’t pay attention to much at the garage, but I see and hear everythin’. I know good and well that ye’ve got your sights set on Ina, and I’m tellin’ ye now, boyo, if ye mess around with that lady and run her out of me garage, you’re sacked and disowned.”

I spluttered, “Da!”

“Don’t ‘Da’ me. Your name is Date for a reason.” He turned his head and pierced me with the same blue eyes all his children inherited. “You’re not to interfere with Ina’s life. She is a honey pie, and I won’t have ye entertainin’ her for a night or two, then ignorin’ her.”

I shifted uncomfortably. “I never ignore the women I sleep with if I see them. I just don’t engage them for a second round. That’d encourage them to think that I want somethin’ more when I don’t.”

“Exactly.” Da dried his hands, turned, and leaned against the countertop. “Ye can’t escape Ina, son. She’s your co-worker and your new neighbour from what I’ve heard. Do yourself a favour and don’t get tangled up with her. It’ll end badly. I’m warnin’ ye.”

I huffed. “You’re overthinkin’ this.”

“And you’re underthinkin’ it,” he countered. “It took me ages to find someone as qualified, competent, and on the ball as Ina, and she’s only worked one full day. I don’t wanna lose her, Date, and I won’t. I’ll shove me foot so far up your arse that ye’ll taste leather if ye bother my girl.”

Your girl?”

“Yes.” Da grinned. “Mine. Ye can’t have her. I’ve already laid claim to her. She’s me work daughter.”


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Much to the horror of my thirteen year old daughter, I joined TikTok 😂 I've made a couple of videos about characters from my books and I'm having fun with it. Make sure to follow me.



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