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Dateless is LIVE!




It's here, it's FINALLY release day for the first book in the Collins Brothers series. I am SO excited for you all to dive into Ina and Date's world. This has been a long time coming for me, this is the longest I have gone between books publishing since I started my career. Fourteen very long months!

The book drought is OVER!

Help needed: Please, leave a review on Amazon, Apple Books, or wherever you buy the book. Reviews are so important for other readers, the good ones, the bad ones and even the I-need-a-glass-of-wine-to-finish-reading-this ones. They aren't for me, they're for others readers like yourself so even if it's a sentence or a few words, post it. Thank you SO much in advance.

Without further ado, enjoy DATELSSS!



Date's POV

I looked down at Jax when he yawned. “Tired, little man?”

“Shite,” he mumbled, making me freeze.

His parents didn’t hear him, but I fucking did.

“Don’t say any of what I accidentally taught ye. Promise?”


“Spawn of Satan!”

We were muttering our words, but Aideen’s super-hearing picked it up.

“What’d ye teach him to say, Dante?”

Aideen was using her mammy voice, and it was scaring me.

“I didn’t teach him anythin’. He just overheard some words that I wish he hadn’t the night I was babysittin’ him.”

“What kind of words?”

“Nothin’.” I put Jax on the play mat. “I love ye so much. Bye.”

I left the room and headed for the front door. Just as I opened it, Jax threw me in the deep end.

“Bollocks!” I heard him shout, quickly followed by, “Fuck’s sake! Shite!”

I sucked in a breath. “Demon child!”

Without waiting for my impending death, I turned and briskly walked down the hallway of Aideen and Kane’s apartment. I made it onto the stairs when I heard the most terrifying sound known to man—my sister bellowing like the terror she was.


“Bollocks,” I mimicked Jax and began to run down the stairs. “Fuck’s sake. Shite.”

I heard the door to the stairwell open above me seconds later, then a male growl. “You better run, Date!”

It was Kane, and he sounded pissed but not half as pissed as my sister.

“Listen to me!” I shouted as I continued to run down the steps. “This is all a huge misunderstandin’! I can explain everythin’. This is not a big deal!”

I heard Kane’s footsteps pounding as he powered down the stairs after me.

“Why’re you running, then?”

“Because you’re gonna hit me!”

I wasn’t scared of Kane, but I also didn’t want to be punched by him either. I knew how hard the son of a bitch could hit, and I wasn’t going to experience that pain if I could help it. I picked up my pace and ran a bit faster.

“You were warned not to cuss around him!” Kane grunted, and it freaked me out because he sounded closer to me, which spurred me into a sprint. “So many times, motherfucker!”

“Leave me alone!” I pleaded. “I’m only a man. It slipped out. It was four in the mornin’, and he wouldn’t go back to sleep!”

I heard a door slam against the wall three floors up, and that terrifying noise sounded again. “Bring him back to me, Kane!” my sister ordered. “I want to do it meself!”

It? Fucking it?

“What does that mean?” I shouted as I reached the sixth floor. “Why are there so many fuckin’ stairs in this buildin’?”


Happy reading,

Lee 💋



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