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Another Year Older.


Well, lads, I'm thirty-one today.

I don't know how the hell it happened. I feel like I was twenty-two last year and publishing DOMINIC like the noob I was and here I am, eight years later getting ready to publish DATELESS, my twenty-first book, and the start to a brand new series.

I'm SO excited for you all to dive into Ina and Date's story tomorrow, and to see some old friends in the Slaters, of course. Don't forget, the current pre-sale price will go up on release day so pre-order your copy now to save a few pennies.



On the social media front, I'm way late to the party, but I've joined TikTok, primarily for BookTok. So, if you have an account, make sure to follow me while I try to figure that whole app out 😂

Below is my first reel, as soon as I heard the audio I knew it was perfect for the constant back and forth that goes on between Alec and Alannah in the Slater Brothers series. Those two are next level for bickering 😂


~ Lee



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